Friday, 21 March 2008

Rivington Pike

Not the best photo I know but at least my hair is under the hat so doesn't look orange!

So here I am in three jumpers and assorted thermals at the top of Rivington Pike ready to let the breeze (and it was windy, believe me!) whisk a poem from my lips.

See how the light accentuates the folly...
and yet I continue, breathlessly towards it,
seeking some reward from within...
it's in the climbing and the knowing,
the achieving and the light,
and squaring up to a blast
without being blown away.....

1 comment:

hesitant scribe said...

I love Rivington Pike! Can't remember the last time I was up there though - probably the year before last. That must mean I'm overdue a walk in the feisty wind!

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