Saturday, 29 March 2008

I should have been doing the housework....

but it hadn't yet started to rain so I decided to greet the pipits on Heapey Moor and welcome the blasts across Great Hill. Just a gusty first draft but here it is:

If you would remember me,
do it here, grid reference 624190,
old quarry to the south,
achievement to the west,
the onwards path and upwards to the east

But don’t rush off just yet,

allow yourself to turn, pause,
admire the view so far,
and then look forward to the pipits
just around the corner, just over the next brow,
I’m with you now,
and if you would remember more,
fashion a pair of muddied hiking boots,
with poems scuffed into their skin,
and feathers sprouting from their heels,
ready to lift them up and onwards,
soaring over words,
wide-winged victories,
hovering on thoughts,
keen-eyed predator,
clasping images
with scratchy pencil-lines

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from the field book
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