Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Another day...

Managed to get a few more folks interested in attending the launch.

Internet launch day coincides with Good Friday. I'm wondering whether to walk to the top of Rivington Pike, Great Hill etc and read a few poems....

Managed a walk in the park at lunch time. Spotted a treecreeper, nuthatch, long tailed tits and lots of other garden birds. Wonderful to hear the nuthatch whistling well - so melodic. Woods seems empty without them.


for Wez

Announcing himself,
sleek whistler of the woods,
a whole slice of cool!
flexing his spine, concave and convex,
master of the bough,
simply upping it,
then upside-downing it,
head-firsting his descent,
the one and only –
adroit acrobat,
poised on the side of a trunk,
whooping it up
in elegant grey and stylish buff,
the showman of the wood!

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from the field book

from the field book
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