Tuesday, 14 April 2009

The willows aren't alive until the warblers arrive

A draft:

The willows aren't alive until the warblers arrive

encouraging the flowers to burst from their buds,

and Black Brook is empty without a pair of dippers
chirring down its course,

and the moors are more desolate without larks

singing down like the sun.

This absence of conversation,

the stony silence of your back
as it steadily mounts the track,

causes me to fall further and further behind

until I politely take a different path.

Photo of Willow Warbler by Dave F Barker http://www.holidays-revealed.com


Crafty Green Poet said...

what a wonderful first line! I love warbler song spilling out of the trees...

Anonymous said...

Don't you think Dippers 'chitt' rather than 'churr'?


Mistlethrush said...

With my hearing I can't distinguish a chit from a chirr! But I do think 'chittering' is an excellent word - must use it. Thanks.

Susan Richardson said...

yes, I love the first line too..

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