Sunday, 12 April 2009

Wheatear arrive at Solomnn's Temple

What a joy to hear the birch and willows at White Coppice once again alive with warbling - a wonderful Easter gift. I've sooo missed them. And then another treat - a redpoll drying itself after splashing in Black Brook - what a great day this was becoming! The nuthatch were very vocal as were the multitude of wrens and from nearby trees a green woodpecker yaffled and then a curlew came burbling overhead and landed in a field. After a tip-off about a redstart I took a diversion but didn't see it. Maybe next time.

Up on the moors everything was singing: pipits, larks, stonechat and a pair of very flirting buntings (reed that is). I thought I'd try a new path today so followed the map to Solomon's Temple which turned out to be a grand name for a derelict farm. But to my delight was the tell-tale white rump of a wheatear bounding over the field and landing on a wall. My first sighting this year.

Earlier this week I went to Croston Finney where several pairs of lapwing have claimed a field each, also spotted there were a pair of buzzards, a merlin, yellow hammer and a pair of hares. I also saw a roe deer at Roddlesworth and lots more.

Wheatear by Rick Spencer of Chorley NATS
Willow Warbler by Mike Atkinson

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Crafty Green Poet said...

I'm so enjoying the return of bordsong too...

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from the field book
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