Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Update - Fings to do before I'm fifty

A few folks have asked me how I'm doing with my list so here's the progress so far:
  • I've spotted waxwing and crossbills but still have firecrest and and flycatchers to find
  • I'm still looking for someone to accompany me up Scar Fell and Coniston Old Man
  • I am swimming 30 lengths a week but its soooo boring I'm thinking of dusting off my bike now the better weather is here
  • I did loose a few pounds but put them back on again! A work in progress....
  • Have done a pilates course and have enrolled on another next term.
  • Slow progress with the bird calls because my aural memory is - pathetic!
  • Sent my children's story off - now the long wait for a reply
  • Haven't entered a poetry competition yet - must get on with that as I must with the short story. But I have an article appearing locally soon
  • I've read Three Men in a Boat
  • The manicure and foot spa will be a pre-birthday party treat. Speaking of which, the room and ceilidh band are booked. But maybe I should save the foot spa until the day after the do?
  • Have eaten wild mushrooms at a restaurant but still plan to pick & eat some wild ones for myself. I've also had scallops in Harrogate
  • My foxgloves are growing and I've planned where I'm going to grow more herbs
  • I've changed my hairstyle (see photo) but now plan to change it back. I've been told it makes me look older - and that really will not do!
  • I'm going to read at the Polyverse festival in July
  • I've not yet been to Norfolk
  • I'm still working on how to fly (other than by plane). Paragliding perhaps?
  • I've not yet got my fishnets, fell into a fountain or decided what feat I shall perform - but there's still time - it's not October yet


Coastcard said...

Norfolk is a truly wonderful county! I know: I spent my teenage years there - and got married in that beautiful county. Wide skies, wildlife and water ...

Duxbury Ramblers said...

I have done scar fell and coniston (three times) wonderful experience, would love to do them again but I would only be a dead weight. Do it the views are wonderful, that moment I first look out the views were fantastic, I relive it every time they are mentioned, even now I am feeling the day as it was over 30 years ago. Thank you for the memories.
Must add my bike has been in operation for years, it keeps you young.

The Weaver of Grass said...

I think you are doing quite well for a forty-nine year old Carol!
Just don't try jumping off a high wall in an effort to fly - I should give that one a miss or just fly "in your dreams."

Mistlethrush said...

Weaver - actually I had thought about jumping off a cliff - paragliding of course! I also thought about gliding but I doubt the cockpit would be big enough for me and my claustrophobia.

DR - you must do the walks again. AS for me I certainly won't be running up them!

Coastcard - you're making me want to go more than ever!

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