Monday, 30 June 2008

Another great review. This time in Poetry Cornwall

Poetry Cornwall arrived through my letter box today (a great little magazine if you don't already subscribe) carrying a great review of from the field book by Peter Tomlinson:
A more delightful lesson on ornithology would be difficult to find; it is a journey through the joys of bir
d watching in the evocative language of poetry ... Carol Thistlethwaite is a poet of incomparable skill and artistry.
Thanks Peter - you know how to make a girl blush....


Coastcard said...

Can't wait for my (ordered) copy to reach me!

Coastcard said...

... and now it has arrived ...


Mistlethrush said...

Hope you enjoy...

Coastcard said...

I love PC/BK and have subscribed since the 2nd issue when I heard about it, but I think you also mentioned another small press mag. on your blog, & I can't find it now! Was it Smith's Knoll?

Mistlethrush said...

Smiths Knoll
Eds Joanne Cutts & Michael Laskey
Goldings Lane
IP16 4EB

£5 per issue or 3 for £14. Cheques payable to 'Smiths Knoll'

I enjoy it.

from the field book

from the field book
An inspiring gift for anyone who enjoys watching nature.