Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Why I like the rain

I like rain - really. It's so refreshing to go outside, especially after a thunderstorm, and smell the planet re-birthing. Collecting and gathering itself together, pausing, enjoying unhurried dampness before turning to face whatever comes next.

And have you ever seen the beauty of snail eggs? Soft pearls hiding in the earth. I leave them undisturbed.

cinquain for slugs

if we
listen deep, we
will hear slugs sing as
they compose silvered moonlit notes:

grounded for a

season, giving up their
bodies for the replenishment

of Earth


Coastcard said...

Would love to know the name of the purple flowers: I think they are the same as ones I saw in Skye last week, growing in semi-wild conditions. Are they a type of cranesbill or mallow?

Mistlethrush said...


Thanks for the response - good to know I'm not blogging into a vacuum!

You're right - they're cranesbill.

from the field book

from the field book
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