Sunday, 15 June 2008

Hare, deer and birds...

With not much petrol in the car, I went to nearby White Coppice and saw a magnificent hare gambolling down the road. Their colours are amazing in the sun.
This photo is by Peter Huggins and copied from

This morning's sightings include a family of 4 ravens feeding in a dead tree, 2 adult blackbirds really going for a young jay, a family of 3 grey wagtails, a sedge warbler (not seen one here before), a reed bunting and a roe deer fawn (almost lost its white spots), all spotted whilst savouring the aural delights of willow warblers, blackcap and stuttering wrens.

Then up to the moors amongst the bobbing cotton grass where pipits perched on every heather top. At my feet the flick-flack tail of a disappearing lizard(?) and nearby a raided egg. While above my head a swift anchored the sky where a kestrel hovered below the circles buzzard. What more could one ask?
Roe deer photo copied from

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