Monday, 23 June 2008

Hobby - in Euxton

Walking through woodlands last week and looking over towards the fields, Euxton Park, a big swift-like bird of prey streaked passed. So sleek, so elegant, so agile, so hobby....
Don't know if one has ever been recorded in Euxton before. Another guy saw and recorded it too - same place - so now I'm sure it was my first hobby sighting. Yeah!

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Strolling through woodland,
a slow glance
for swooping swallows

- is suddenly filled
with a magnificent swift:
sleek streak
tail head talon
- a bird of prey
a hobby
surely a hobby?
just sped from sight.


Coastcard said...

I like your swift simile! Glad you had such successful hobby spotting. I saw my first red kite over my house a couple of days ago! (Have seen quite a number in Wales, but never one SO close to home).

Mistlethrush said...

Thanks coastcard. It really did look like a big swift.

A red kite over your house? You know how to be me jealous!

Happy spotting

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from the field book
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