Sunday, 13 July 2008

Consider the Lilies

Ever heard of Carol Fenlon? It's a name I hope you soon will know. I took a copy of Consider the Lilies to France - and what an absorbing read it is. A haunting tale about a feral child and her new friend Jack's efforts to trace and rescue the now adult Vicky from an institution. A fresh insight into mental ill health and homelessness by an author who knows her subject. Strong plot, pacy, innovative language - I recommend it.

And now for a few photos from France. First up is Ch√Ęteau de Villandry and a view of a bedroom through the mirror.

Imagine the secrets that have walked up and down these stairs...

See the box garden where each design represents a different kind of love. In the right foreground is passionate love. The guide book says it represents broken hearts but I liked the fluidity of the designs flowing around a slightly shifting centre. To me it's alive. Behind it is romantic love (not my favourite) with its formal structure leaving no space to breath or manoeuvre. To the left is jealous love, devoid of any flowers except blood red in the centre of the blades.

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from the field book

from the field book
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