Saturday, 28 June 2008

Crossing Morecambe Bay

Sue, Alan & I crossed Morecambe Bay this afternoon along with hundreds of others. I decided not to take my bins since I didn't expect the tide to be in.... An overcast sky with warm winds made it a comfortable day.

Above are Alan & Sue before the crossing (from Hest Bank) both laughing because I have to patch one eye so I can use the view finder. It's the same with a scope!

Right are layers of mud exposed in the salt marsh at Arnside - rock in the making.

Today there was some surface slime as I found out when I splatted down! But most of the time it was just warm, surface wet. There's an amazing variety of mud ripples: firm, soft, knife-edged, broad-topped etc. And the corophium shrimp mounds tickle the balls of your feet as they gently collapse beneath your weight.

Left- Cedric Robinson leading us across the River Kent. Cedric and his team had been out 4 hours the previous day to find and mark with laurel branches the only safe crossing point.

Right - folks steadying each other as they cross. I'm sure I felt a flounder sliding under my toes...


Hyde DP said...

I might have liked to have tried this maybe 40 years ago but not now.

Mistlethrush said...

Maybe you should come with next year. It's good fun and I can guarantee it will be a flat!

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