Saturday, 31 January 2009

Writing Circles

Picking up a comment posted by Weaver of Grass, what is your preferred type of writing group? One that meets weekly, fortnightly or monthly? One that concentrates on inspiring new writing, critiquing or performing? A physical meeting or an online group? One for professionals, amateurs or mixed?
What's your choice? And why?

The bronze above is called Three Sisters and is by Patrick Purcell. Below is a link to more of his work.


Coastcard said...

This is an intriguing sculpture. I love the buzz when writers are inspired as a group. I have been part of 'virtual' and 'reality' writing projects. Both have their merits. I really value the blogging community, too, and pick up tips on so many topics from poetry forms to unusual creatures!

Coastcard said...

That should be unusual creatures

Crafty Green Poet said...

It's a long time since i belonged to a writign group. I belonged to a very local one with only a few members that met weekly and used prompts to inspire new writing, we then shared our work. It was good but the small size meant that sometimes there weren't enough people there to get discussion going. I also belonged to Edinburgh Writers Club which is quite a stuffy group with a formal programme of speakers and competitions. It was great for beginner and hobby writers but anyone who had particular writing goals found it to not always be useful.

If I did go back to a writign group i would want it to be one that focussed on poetry. Face to face rather than online.

Susan Richardson said...

I think a weekly meet is good for encouraging regular, focused writing - once it becomes fortnightly or monthly, it's all to easy to put the writing off for a while!

Coastcard said...

Personally I like a class to meet weekly but a writers' group to meet monthly. We find once a month is about right in our group to give folk a chance to do justice to the given subject (if we have a theme). Some members are in full time employment in spheres other than creative writing and have diverse calls on their time.

Mistlethrush said...

Thanks everyone for your comment and thanks for the link Coastcard

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