Sunday, 29 March 2009

Trills spilling from the foliage

White Coppice was full of trills and yaffles this bright, frost-melt morning and more birds are pairing. The dippers on Black Brook are still together and there was another pair on The Goit. A couple of curlew flew over burbling in the spring and the linnet have arrived back in their usual patch. Wrens were stuttering from all over the bracken, robin, stonechat and reed bunting were all chirping too and a pair of dunnock were also flitting through last year's brittle bracken. And on my way back, I'm sure I heard a chiffchaff.

Up on the moors a single skylark was pouring out his sing from high in the sky. Many pipits were also singing on the wing then lifting their tails to near-vertical to accomplish sheer drops back into the heather. What a difference a tail makes....

Green woodpecker photo by Rick Spence of Chorley.
Meadow pipit by Alex Auer - paste this link into your address bar to find more amazing photos:


The Weaver of Grass said...

Lovely stuff, Carol - I love your birdy walks - isn't it wonderful how they all come back each year - a thrush in the Scots Pine outside the bedroom window this morning - there has been a thrush there every year since I came to live here - it never begins to sing until the clock goes forward.

Susan Richardson said...

What a beautiful opening sentence, Carol (and the rest of your post was a pleasure to read too!)

Mistlethrush said...

Thanks Ladies.
A thrush outside the bedroom window - leave open the window and what a wonderful sound to wake up to each morning. Lucky you.

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