Sunday, 22 March 2009

A Single Swallow

Yesterday's Telegraph Magazine has printed a chapter from Horatio Clare's new book, A Single Swallow. It's an absorbing read both about the writer and the people he meets as he journeys overland from South Africa to Wales following migrating swallows. I'm seriously interested in buying this book. (Chatto & Windus ISBN: 9780701183127 /0701183128 )


Crafty Green Poet said...

Yes I'd heard about it too, it does sound interesting

Rhys said...

Hi Carol, Hope you have re-gained your voice now! I'm running two photography workshops for 16-19 year olds next week-end at Atlantic College's Sound Bite Festival in the Vale of Glamorgan near Cardiff. Horatio Clare is going to be there reading from and discussing "A Single Swallow" so I hope to be able to go along for that and purchase a copy of his book! Best wishes Rhys

Mistlethrush said...

Hi Rhys, I read about the workshop on your blog - sounds interesting.

And lucky you to hear Horatio reading. I wish I was going so I could buy a signed copy - I like signed copies.

As for my voice, I think its got lost on the moors. But, although it's still on walkabouts, at least I can hear it calling from the distance now! A few more days and hopefully we'll be reunited.

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