Sunday, 7 December 2008

Field trip to Marton Mere

I went on a field trip with Chorley & District Natural History Society today. It was well worth defrosting the car at 7.30am on a Sunday morning because sightings included 5 Long-Eared Owls tucked well into an area dense with trees and thicket. (Poem on the way.) Many thanks to local birder, Frank Bird, who guided us to them.

Also there were wonderful views of a bittern preening itself in the sun by the water's edge while up in the trees fieldfare were digging their beaks into the plentiful apples. Again, many thanks to another unknown birder who pointed out the bittern and let us look through his scope while those in our group who had brought scopes were busy focusing theirs.
Thanks to Neil Southworth for organising the trip.

Many thanks to David J Slater of Coleford for these amazing photos. Click on them to see just how good they are. Don't forget to follow the link in the side bar to even more fantastic shots.


Crafty Green Poet said...

oh a bittern - wonderful, and all those owls too. i look forward to the photos and poem...

Susan Richardson said...

Sounds like a great trip - and yes, I look forward to the poem(s) too!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Wonderful photos, Carol.
I went to Chorley and District Natural History Society's meeting once - about twenty years ago. A member gave a talk on the different types of seagull - it was fascinating and very well put together - have never forgotten it. (Went with my friend Dr Frank Coleman, who died some years ago) he and his wife were members for many years.

Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Hi carol

Glad you enjoyed your visit to the world's best nature reserve


Mistlethrush said...

CGP - I was really pleased too. Only the 2nd time I've seen bittern and the long-eared owls were a 1st for me.

Susan - I look forward to your island collection. How's it going?

Weaver - I'll think you'll find the meetings might not have changed that much. We still have some good speakers - only we have progressed to Power Point and those pop star-like mics. We meet in St Mary's Church Hall, Devonshire Rd.

I have to add I'm not much of an armchair naturalist though; I'm the definitely one of the muddy boot variety!

Hi Dave - thanks for visiting. How did you find this blog and post? I've booked marked your site. Hope you have more luck finding waxwings than I've had!

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