Friday, 10 October 2008

Slugs Glorious Slugs

One of my classes this week seemed quite horrified that I like slugs. Yes I pick them up and rescue them from shrivelling in the sun. Ok, so they are a bit of a nuisance when they eat young plants - but they are also our friends! They munch garden debris and process it back to minerals - soil. So you see, without our dear molluscs we might not have any soil. There's a thought....
if we
listen deep, we
will hear slugs sing as
they compose silvered moonlit notes:

grounded for a
season, giving up their
bodies for the replenishment
of Earth

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The Weaver of Grass said...

I must say, Carol, I do now look at slugs in a slightly different light - may not to continue to do so when they eat my young lettuce plants (and I do not wish to pick one up) - like the poem though and they do seem slightly less daunting when you think of them as wingless angels!!

Crafty Green Poet said...

We saw some nice slugs on our holiday in oban, I must say i prefer snails though...

Rhys said...

Hi Carol,

Firstly thanks so much for sending your book - arrived this morning and I'm starting to enjoy the poetry - dipping in every so often when I need some replenishment of the mind!

I really like your Cinquain - I think 5 lines is just the right amount and right pace for a slug! I'm thinking as well that we are not different as ultimately we also give up our bodies for the replenishment of the earth.

Hope you have a good week-end!

Mistlethrush said...

Hi All,

As they say: beauty is in the perception of the beholder. But Rhy, I'm not sure I'd go as far as wanting to told I'm not that dissimilar to one!!! Hope you enjoy from the field book.


sexy said...



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