Tuesday, 25 May 2010

My local fells

One of the reasons I love living near the West Pennine Moors is that there are always wonderful walks to enjoy whatever the season. I took my camera to show you but without a view finder and it being such a sunny day I couldn't see what was on the screen, it was a case of point and hope! Nevertheless here is a short extract from Sunday's walk.

Only a few minutes up the hill from White Coppice and this is the view. The moors were full of proclaiming larks, and pipits with beaks full of flies. A little further and the resident kestrels hover over Great Hill and I'm pleased to see the pair of wheatear nesting.

These great millstone grit (?) slabs guide you along Spitler's Edge and reserve the rest of the fells for nesting curlew and lapwing etc.

The ravines and peat pools are teeming with life. Lizards and newts are also to be found.

Today was rare - the path was dry. It was like walking on a springy, sponge in places. And when you get tired.... (not sure I approve but it did amuse).

The landscapes of peat are fascinating and ecologically important. They hold water and capture carbon. There is currently work being done on these moors to preserve it. Small dams are built across rivulets to slow the run-off and maintain the level of the water table.

Peat erodes and creates some interesting features. The sheep know how to take advantage of the shelter it offers. You can see layers of history in it.

The vegetation is in great swathes. Sometimes it's colourful heather and gorse, sometimes it's cotton grass. Each with attending butterflies and insects.

On reaching the road, wild flowers take over the verges - random and colourful. These bluebells and plantain arrange themselves better than any garden designer.


Coastcard said...

I so enjoyed this post. We were watching lots of larks on the Pembrokeshire cliffs at the w/e. Also watched a lizard and saw (or at least recognised) my first Turnstone.

Yes, I love a peat landscape, too. We were over in the Somerset Levels a month ago...

Crafty Green Poet said...

What wonderful landscape. Interesting post, full of good deatail. We have skylarks in the fields outside our offices just on the edge of Edinburgh, quite a treat to listen to them sing every lunchtime...

Mistlethrush said...

Thanks ladies. Amazing the pleasure a little brown bird can bring.

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