Monday, 24 May 2010

Catching Up

So many outings and so few posts - oh dear.

I've just bought a BirdMike - a handy piece of IT for people like me who struggle to recall bird calls / songs. It's also quite good for attracting birders! On a recent trip with Chorley NATS, I helpfully played a linnet's song to encourage the birds to appear but all I managed to do was to cause half a dozen birders to simultaneously swivel 180 degrees . Errr sorry guys.....

What we missed in wildlife was supplemented by farm animals. We passed a very newly born lamb and mother and some calves enjoying their first experience of the great outdoors.

Thanks to Len Poxon for the photos.

1 comment:

Coastcard said...

What a cute lamb face! I guess you are the new Pied Piper of... birders!

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from the field book
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