Sunday, 13 December 2009

Still trying to make friends

Despite wearing my new boots around the house and taking them out on several short walks, they're still giving me blisters. Ohh dear.... I wouldn't care but they're the most expensive hiking boots I've ever bought! But I live in hope that they will eventually become my best friends.... Maybe I should have bought some new socks as well?

A short walk down a frosty Eyes Lane, Bretherton and looping back through the crunchy fields (disappointingly no snipe there) revealed: moorhens, jay, treecreeper, nuthatches, yellow hammers, reed bunting, sparrow hawk, kestrel, 80+ lapwings, a small flock of 16+ jackdaws, mistle thrush and heron as well as common garden birds (blue, great & coal tits, chaffinch, robins, blackbirds). There was also a large and close-knit distant flock possibly starlings. A beautiful cerulean sky to lift the spirits and dazzling low sun seeking out and bringing everything to life.


Coastcard said...

It sounds a good walk ... and I've been pounding round the high street shops..!

Still, the bonus was the sale in Borders (alas the closing down sale). Two poetry books for 50% of the price. My Christmas gift to myself!

Cindee said...

It's much too cold for this now, but the best way to break in a pair of blistering boots is to get them wet (just damp works) and then walk around in them as they dry. I used to always buy my boots in the height of summer and my first foray in them was to the creek for a wade-around and then I'd wear them all day. After they were dry I'd oil them up good. They always ended up fitting like a second skin. Now days I'm older and have feet problems and I live in Birkenstocks. But I still give them a good dunking when I first buy them.

Mistlethrush said...

So sad when good book shops close - browsing on Amazon isn't them same.

Thanks for visiting Cindee and thanks for the tip too.

from the field book

from the field book
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