Sunday, 3 May 2009

A short evening stroll around Rake Brook and Roddlesworth reservoirs was enhanced by open-mouthed swallows sweeping over grassy banks and flat waters. The woods were filled with song thrush repeating their calls, along with chaffinch and robin. House sparrows by the keeper's cottage were very vociferous and every so often the trees were startled by a corrrrking pheasant.

A sudden movement and I saw a roe deer darting between the trees, given away by its white rump. And following it was another, smaller roe. Just as the three quarter moon was beginning to reflect itself in the pathway puddles, and the robins were starting to tic, a brown hare, resting on the track, was startled by our presence and bounded down the bank.
Overhead a kestrel looked down for a late evening meal.
Roe deer photo copied from Wikipedia.


Dave King said...

Lovely, these little vignettes of yours. I would seriously miss them if they went away.

Susan Richardson said...

I love being able to do evening strolls now that there's so much light! Really enjoyed reading about yours.

Mistlethrush said...

Thanks for your comments.

And here's to longer nights, brighter mornings and loads of summer walks. Hope you get chance to make the most of them.

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