Sunday, 10 May 2009

Get outta my patch

We're two weeks into rewiring; half way there. Can't complain since the guy who's doing it is very organised so the disruption is as minimal as possible. I can't wait to do all the subsequent redecorating though.... Hmmm

But onto a happier subject...

Between errands yesterday, I took time out for a walk around Croston Finney. The most striking additions since my last visit were whitethroat calls which emanated from all the hedgerows. I was also struck by how well the lapwings were defending their territories against the much larger black-backed gulls. Well, all except one pair who looked on in despondency as two dozen crows, assorted gulls, pigeons and magpies were feeding all over 'their' field.
I was pleased to see a kingfisher flying over a field - it's not often I see one there.

Photos of lapwing and whitethroat are by Frank Whitney. Click on photos to see images enlarged and follow the link in the sidebar to his blog.


Anonymous said...

I think that as well as asking for photo's, Carol, you should perhaps also be asking for sketches. I would love to see what a despondent Lapwing looks like - or an unhampered Whitethroat for that matter. Sorry, can't help. No artistic ability whatsoever!


Coastcard said...

In response to the comment by Anonymous, you might enjoy looking at Seabrooke's ornithological artwork (here and here).

Coastcard said...

Sorry, that should be here.

Mistlethrush said...

Thanks folks. Actually learning how to sketch is on my 'to do' list. There's soooo much on the list I think I need to live until I'm 102!!

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from the field book
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