Monday, 16 February 2009

Fings to do before I'm Fifty

Inspired by Wendy Webb's recent Facebook note about 'Eighty things I may or may not have done before I'm sixty', I thought I'd write my own 'Fings to do before I'm Fifty' list. Bearing in mind I've only just under eight months to go, I started the list yesterday and am delighted to report that I have unexpectedly achieved item one this morning, thanks to Rick Spence's post on Chorley NATS website.1. Find a waxwing
2. Fells and Peaks - walk to the summit of Scar Fell (any offers?)
3. Fells and Peaks - walk to the summit of Coniston Old Man
4. Fells and Peaks - walk to the summit of Snowden
5. Fitness - swim 30 lengths each week (I'd die of boredom if I made it 5o!)
6. Fin at fifty - loose five pounds
7. Finner at fifty - loose an extra two pounds!
8. Find a spring - find one marked on an OS map and drink from it
9. Five more bird calls - learn to identify
10. Find a publisher for my children's story
11. Finalist - enter a poetry competition and be a listed finalist
12. Family - visit at least once a week and find something interesting to say
13. Fiction - write a short story and get it published in an anthology
14. Feet - have a foot spa
15. Fingers - have a manicure in a beauty salon
16. Funny Book - read Three Men in a Boat
17. Flexibility - be able to touch my toes and stay there! Legs straight, of course
18. Flat stomach - start pilates
19. Fungi - identify a wild one and eat it!
20. Fly - other than in a plane (done that already)
21. Fun - have a big birthday party! Folk dancing.
22. Fire - light a fire with one match and cook a fish on it (a throw back to my days as a Guide leader)
23. Feat - still working on what it will be
24. Fens - visit Norfolk
25. Fishnets - buy a pair then find an opportunity to wear them!
26. Firecrest - find one
27. Flycatcher - spot a spotted flycatcher
28. Foxgloves - grow some
29. Fall in a fountain / similar then pull my friends in too...

There's my list so far and I'm open to other ideas from you guys. But I've only got until October 4th to achieve.

Waxwing photo by Tony Dun


The Weaver of Grass said...

Carol - I love it!
Can I pinch the idea and do Things I want to do before I am 80!!!
I've got a few more years to achieve that but then I shall need it because nothing happens quickly at my age - please say I can pinch the idea!
That waxwing photo is quite something - there have been a few around Richmond - my friend, who is a keen birder, took about twenty photographs of them - then found that she had left the memory card in her computer!
Do hope you achieve the things on your list - maybe one of the hardest is to lose weight - I am afraid middle aged spread sets in at about that time (I still have it - so still consider myself middle aged).

Coastcard said...

Inspired! I hope you will leave a link on Wendy's blog or Facebook site. I should follow suit, though I have a few extra months to play with.

Anonymous said...


Suggest you delete/amend No.19 otherwise you may not get the chance to do the next 31!!!


Mistlethrush said...

Weaver - of course you can pinch the idea. I pinched it off Wendy!

Coastcard - I tried to post the link but couldn't or else I don't know how to. Anyway, I'll email you with a copy of it.

DM - I'll ask Joyce before I eat it. I trust her!

Dave King said...

That is superb - but just in case, please leave number 19 until the very last!

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