Sunday, 22 February 2009

Doing Something Different

There's nothing like a change of scene for inspiration so I went to Harrogate for the weekend. The beautiful old buildings give the town a real sense of place. We went to see Strictly Strauss at the Royal Hall directed by Charles Stewart and his violin bow. The Johann Strauss Orchestra and Dancers and Victoria Joyce (soprano) were a delight. Go see the gala when it's near you - well worth it. I have to say that the Royal Hall is a stunning venue.

Meandering home, we visited Richmond and took as pleasant stroll along the River Swale to Easby Abbey. And on the way home we stopped off at Sedbergh, England's Booktown in the Yorkshire Dales, and I hopefully one of the shops there will very soon be selling copies of from the field book which is pleasing.


Coastcard said...

Sounds as though you enjoyed half term! Beautiful weather ... at last. I love Richmond.

The Weaver of Grass said...

That walk to Easby from Richmond is lovely. Did you call in at The Station in Richmond (more or less where the walk starts)? There is a super cafe and often a really good exhibition on there. Did you come through Leyburn? If you did you would have passed the end of our lane - had I been at home it would have been lovely to meet you, so if you do that journey again please let me know.
Sedbergh is anice little town and has some interesting bookshops, particularly Westwoods. Did you go in?
Glad you had a good day out - as you say we probably passed each other somewhere on that road to Sedbergh.

Coastcard said...

I found this poetic bird book ... & thought of you.

Mistlethrush said...

Weaver - yes we did come through Leyburn. I kept looking for sheep with black faces and others with black&white faces just in case they were yours!

Coastcard - Thanks for the link. It seems everyone wants to write about birds at the moment! I remember Rossen from my days as voluntary school librarian.

from the field book

from the field book
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