Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Bats in the Park

I'm just back from an evening walk around the Astley Park with Chorley NATS. We spent some time watching the little grebe and learning about fungi (thanks Joyce). At dusk the bat detectors picked up Pipistrelle, Noctule and Daubenton's bats although I only saw the first two. A bit strange since the later are the largest and usually the easier to see as they fly over the water. But there you go... In the background a Tawny Owl was calling. A pleasant way to end the day.

I've been watching rooks on a local playing field this week. Here's as early draft:


These dome-headed creatures have descended,
hunched gargoyles
with the ragged pants of nightmares,
chiseled backs and stripped-back beaks
staking out the playing field.
Territorial grouches,
each feeding in its own space.
Unspent coals,
each pitching into its reserves
to stiffly shake its wings
until determination lifts them

like death loosened from damp ground,
a party cawing
as it flies
above the tree crowns,
over the church and onwards,
into out of sight.


Crafty Green Poet said...

I love the descriptions in this poem - territorial grouches is such an excellent fit for rooks. I really like the very long last line.

Nice to see little grebes, such lovely birds. Not to mention the bats.

Mistlethrush said...

Thanks for that. It's an early draft so I'll take your critique on board.

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