Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Tree Shapes

I'm sure I'm not the only person that enjoys tree spotting as I drive along the road. Once you get an eye for basic tree shapes and features, you can name many at a glance. To me, ash trees (left) are a bit snooty! Why? Because their twigs tend to curl upwards. Whereas beech tend to have horizontally spreading branches. Many have distinctive shapes and colours - I'll try photograph more another day.

A crisp tree shape against a cerulean sky - how many beautiful sights we have on winter days.

Since my camera isn't good enough to photograph birds, I've decided to share some tree shapes with you from a weekend walk around Croston. How complex is this willow trunk below?
How useful telegraph poles are in sparing a few extra berries for hungry redwings....At this time of year, I also enjoy the contrast between frozen and non-frozen patches.
And if you get close, have a look at just how brightly coloured lichen can be.

But let's not forget the birds. I really enjoyed watching the yellowhammers, their faces bright like summer suns. There were lots of roaming fieldfare in small parties and one had approaching 100 birds. A snipe was flushed from a ditch and two lapwings had returned to the fields to try their luck where the frost was melting. Amongst the stubble was a flock of about 100 larks, calling as they rose before plunging back into silence and more stubble. There was also a small flock of linnet, tree sparrows at several sites, reed bunting,buzzard, kestrels and lots of garden birds.


Caroline Gill said...

I shall remember that tip about the ash. My house at school was 'Ash' ... I wonder what that says about me!

Brian Rafferty said...

Carol.I agree tree spotting can be great fun and the skeletons do look good at this time of the year. I do struggle however with some of the more difficult species.

There never seems to be enough time however to recognize and understand all that goes on around us in the wonderful natural world.

I haven't visited the Croston Barn Owl for a very long time. With the current weather it may be out hunting early pm. Thanks for looking in on my blog and your comments

Nicky J Poole said...

Some nice tree shapes here - I think trees make fascinating subjects for pictures. You can also do clever things easily in a simple photo package to make interesting designs, reflecting and rotating multiple images and sticking them together.

Hope you are well.

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from the field book
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