Sunday, 5 September 2010

Charnock Richard Scarecrow Festival

A quick visit to White Coppice this morning was rewarded with the delight of about two hundred house martins, along with a few sand martins and swallows feeding in the shelter of Stronstrey Bank.

This evening I had a look around Charnock Richard's annual Scarecrow Festival. It didn't scare the crows - I saw a flock of about 50 gathering to roost - but it was entertaining for us humans. Below are a just a few of the many fun moments.

This charming horse and fox really made me smile. It's obvious whose side the horse is on.

But it looks like not everyone was enjoying themselves - I wonder what made this guy angry....

Tree surgeon anyone?


Errrrm no - I don't want to trust him to cut my lawn!
Many thanks to the folks of Charnock Richard.

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Caroline Gill said...

This was such a cheerful post for a gloomy grey day! It's BUCKETING down here.

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