Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Chorley Bird Race

The Chorley NATS's Bird Race took place at weekend. Four teams of two people had 24 hours to search the borough for as many different bird species as we could find. It provides a snapshot of species in the borough and their whereabouts. 93 species were spotted which isn't bad since we were a bit early to catch some migrants such as cuckoo and whitethroat. It's also a social activity when team members pool their knowledge so everyone benefits.

My favourite moments? Watching a buzzard chasing a barn owl just a few feet from where we were standing, a swan displaying in the first rising mists, a peregrine perched in a quarry, a little owl on cliffs, and just happening to see a pair of little ringed plover land on a huge gravelled site so we could tick them off straight away. Least favourite moment? Scanning Belmont reservoir for a Mediterranean gull in the freezing cold! I might have enjoyed it more if I'd found one... It was also a great day for butterflies.
Barn owl photo by David J Slater


Crafty Green Poet said...

sounds like fun!

Coastcard said...

It was the Gower sunshine that brought the buzzards out in my neck of the woods today. Would love to have seen the Barn Owl...

Brian Rafferty said...

Carol. You had a great time on your bird race with some memorable moments. Nice to see the summer visitors arriving although it seems like the weather may turn wintry again !! Take care.

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