Friday, 26 June 2009

Coasting Norfolk

Just back from the Norfolk coast where we took a trip to Blakeney Head. Whilst waiting for the tide to quickly fill the creeks, I was entertained by larks throwing their long songs across the salt marsh from somewhere in a big, blue sky. I also saw a little egret probing the silt. How do they keep themselves so white when constantly in the mud?

Blakeney Head is a breeding place for several species of terns; I managed to spot Arctic, common and sandwich terns. They were bringing back single sand eels for their youngsters and dipping them in the sea before feeding them.

Right on the point were seals; mostly common but there were a couple of greys amongst them. You can tell them apart by the shape of their heads: grey seals have long, angular heads whereas common seals are rounded. Also the greys are much larger creatures.

The following morning I was pleased to meet up with poet Wendy Webb - a warm and friendly lady. Here we are at Cromer.

Arctic tern photo by David J Slater, s
eals photo by Jeremy Burton - follow the links in the sidebar to their sites.


Susan Richardson said...

I'm going to be in Norfolk in a couple of weeks' time, Carol. Have never been before - am really looking forward to it and enjoyed reading about your trip too.

Mistlethrush said...

Have a super time. I can't help wondering whether that means you'll be visiting another island.

Coastcard said...

So pleased my home county of Norfolk seems to have lived up to expectations. It's a great place for wildlife and skies!

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