Sunday, 9 November 2008

Wildlife and Myth

It's no good recommending a poem a day to everyone without doing it myself. I've not exactly managed a poem a day - so this morning is catch-up time. Day 7's prompt was 'myth'. I've never really combined wildlife and myth, never really thought about it although I now recognise an interesting potential which I may well return to at a future date.
Below is my first (and rather obvious) draft for today:

... and as the earth prepares
to watch her journey back to Hades,
it lines her route with gifts:
plump seeds, golden leaves,
agile paws and farewell fanning wings,
and as she passes by,
trees sigh, and finally let loose
their effort of upholding the beauty
that such a presence demands.


Anonymous said...

Let's hope that when in Spring
Persephone returns
she brings with hirundine wings
the season of rebirth!

Desperate Mallard

Susan Richardson said...

Good luck with your poem-a-day challenge! I did this back in April - found it very useful (though I still haven't revised all the rough first drafts that emerged!)

Mistlethrush said...

I agree entirely with you Neil.

Susan - They always say the longer you leave a poem before you go back to it the better... I expect you'll have loads of little gems when you do dig the poems opt again. As for me - I did a catch up at weekend and have already managed to fall behind again...

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