Friday, 18 April 2008

Everyday try something new....

I enjoyed reading last night and Colin Smith's accompanying photos were excellent - wish I could take photos like that!

I once read it's good to do something different everyday: a new recipe, going home a different way etc. So I decided to explore all the local footpaths - and there's plenty to go at. Yesterday I planned a short circular from Botany Bay (Chorley) to The Nab (a great Lancashire name, that...). The 1st path was barbwired off but I'd have to have swum through mud to follow it anyway.... so I resorted to plan B (always have a plan B). A pleasant walk with more paths leading off to explore on another day. I'll keep going until I know them all. Not a lot of birds yesterday but I expect come the winter those fields will be full of redwing and fieldfare flocks.

The photo is one of mine. It shows Botany Bay and the Leeds Liverpool Canal

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